Why I Stamp

It’s Sunday. With my present work schedule it is my only day off this weekend. Not really a weekend to speak of. One day to get everything done. The yard work. The laundry. Change the sheets. Vacuum. Clean. Etc. etc. etc. it can be exhausting and more than a little overwhelming. It can be so difficult to find the time to do anything relaxing or enjoyable let alone creative. But it is so necessary to my mental well-being.

A few minutes spent in my craft room makes all the difference. I made a birthday tag today to adorn a plain burlap bag I purchased in Michaels. The bag is plastic lined and reusable so it made perfect sense to spend the $3 on this rather then a paper gift bag to present my friend’s gift.

A few minutes spent with color and texture in the form of ink and paper were very therapeutic. I liked the first one so much I made two more. I worried I was spending too much  time crafting. Old habits die hard. So I actually timed myself with my phone’s stopwatch. A mind trick I oftenimage image play on myself when I am procrastinating about some chore I don’t want to do to. It reinforces the fact that I often spend more time putting off a chore than the actual chore would take. This time it helped me see that an additional two tags only took me 15 minutes. Fifteen minutes well spent. Here’s the pics. Hope you like.


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