Loving the stamping

I am thoroughly enjoying my time spent stamping. Although I admit my downtime is extremely limited right now it actually makes me more focused when I do sit down to create something for those special people in my life.

My brother and sister-in-law will be celebrating their 16 th wedding anniversary next week. Frankly, I have had it with our mutual habit of texting Happy Birthday or Congratulations or Happy Birthday. I am a stamper for goodness sake and it doesn’t get anymore impersonal than a texted message to say Happy Anniversary. In this day and age, 16 years of wedded bliss is an accomplishment to be acknowledged with a beautiful card. Here it is. imageimage

As as well, a dear friend and co- worker won a dental speaking competition this weekend and I couldn’t be happier or prouder for her. I gave her this card this morning when she returned to work. Don’t you just love those adorable “Cheerful Critters”?

That’s all for now. I made my kids something so stinking cute that I can’t wait to show you but I don’t want to spoil their surprise. So next post I will let you see those.

If you need a new Stampin’ Up catalog, the new one was just released last week. Give me a shout out and I will see you get one toot suite

Bye for now❤️


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